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Our hackathon will be a weekend-long event where girls from all over the world will be able to unite virtually in order to create technology-related projects (like websites, mobile apps, robots, anything really!) individually or with groups. We will also have workshops and panels throughout the weekend that we strongly encourage that you attend in order to make more connections and deepen your knowledge about the world of STEM. At the end of the weekend our judges will decide which teams will win prizes by their track, as well as an overall winner. In other words, our hackathon will be an enriching, packed event where you will be able to bond with other women interested in tech while making connections and creating ground-breaking projects, and don’t forget the possibility of winning a prize!


Participants: All female and non-binary high school or undergraduate students can participate in this hackathon. Teams should consist of 1-4 members to be eligible for prizes.

Countries: International!


To be eligible for prizes:

  • Include a less than 3-minute long pitch/demo video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo 
    • Please note - if the video is longer than 3 minutes, our judges will stop watching at the 3-minute mark
  • Submit before March 7, 2021 at 11:30 AM EST

Hackathon Sponsors


$520 in prizes

Best Social Hack

$25 Amazon gift card (per team member)

Best Personal Hack

$25 Amazon gift card (per team member)

Best Environmental Hack

$25 Amazon gift card (per team member)

Best Beginner Hack

To be eligible for this prize, the winning team must have at least 3 first-time hackers

$10 Amazon gift card (per team member)
$25 Art of Problem Solving e-Voucher (per team member)

Best Web App with Qoom

1-year Pro Plan + free domain name (one per team)

Opportunity to be invited to Qoom Creator Group

The selected project will be featured on Qoom Project Gallery (the page will be opened soon)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Yaroslava Marushchak
Quality Assurance Lead at Kvark Consulting LLC

Max Petkevich

Max Petkevich
TeachMeSkills Mentor

Oleg Melnic
Proxify Technical Lead

Lev Gubin
Software Engineer

Medvedik David

Medvedik David
Principal Software Engineer at Positive Technologies

Yaroslav Menshikov

Yaroslav Menshikov
Senior Programmer at GisAuto LLC

Mikle Alpha
Lead Software Engineer at Russian Agricultural Bank

Alexey Shepelev

Alexey Shepelev
Senior Full Stack Developer at Altoros

Maksim Zhuk

Maksim Zhuk
Software Engineer at Reksoft

Pulkit Singh

Pulkit Singh
Programmers Universal Group/Founder, Community Organiser and community speaker

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    This criterion focuses on the idea behind your project. You will be judged on originality, and how well the creation adheres to the chosen track.
  • Technical Complexity
    The higher the complexity of your code, the more points you will get for this category.
  • User Experience and Interface
    To score points in this category, make your project as interface-friendly as possible, while giving it a good overall design.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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